Hi! I’m Anna!


 Through the discovery and integration of Human Design and Tarot, I help women who are at a crossroads in their life learn to listen to and Trust the Powerful Wisdom that already exists in their own knowing so that they can make Empowered decisions with Clarity and Confidence.  

Let me lead you home to yourself.

If you want to engage with me on a daily basis, please follow me on Instagram or Facebook @annawithintention where I post Tarot Spreads, Events, and a few photos as we move through the seasons.

Recent Blog Posts

Anna has an amazing sense of intuition. She has a unique and open minded view of the universe. I am thankful for every tarot reading that she has provided to me. I can’t wait to get my human design reading. 

– Stephanie D.

Anna’s reiki sessions are powerful and cleansing. I feel comfortable with her energy. I feel recharged and in tune with my highest potential after our sessions. Anna’s tarot readings are insightful and very helpful for developing peace and understanding in my life.

- Mary

I have been going to Anna for spiritual work for over a year now. Each session with her allows me to go deeper and further in my quest for understanding. She has a calming way about her and the energy she generates is clean and full of love. Whether you are new to Tarot, Reiki, and Human Design, or an experienced spiritualist, Anna has something to offer to help you on your journey. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone I can.

Erin C.

In my life, I value…

I value intention – the power of our consciousness to affect our physical reality is profound.

I value curiosity.

I value intuition.

I value silliness and play.

I value radical honesty.

I value the desire to do better.

I value listening.

I value patience.

I value self care.

I value love.

All of these values are things that I am constantly striving to bring more closely into every moment of every day. This is part of the work we all must do all of the time. It is never finished.

The universe will always bring us larger versions of the lessons we have already learned but it will only ever bring us what we are able to handle.