Have you looked up your Human Design Chart yet?!  It’s so easy! You just need to know your Birth Date, Time and Location (city, state, country)!  Watch this quick video I made to see how it’s done and then go get yours!

I used the website https://jovianarchive.com/Get_Your_Chart in this video.  Share with me in the comments if this helped you take the leap and what your design Type and Authority are!  To learn more about your human design chart, I highly recommend booking a 1:1 introductory reading with me! Click HERE to learn more about what is included in your reading and to learn more about my other offerings. (PS coming soon… 30 minute recorded mini readings and a new workshop called “Boundaries By Design”) To get on the waitlist for future workshop announcements, click HERE and scroll down to the workshop waitlist form.

I also shared the non-google based search engine software that I prefer to use on my desktop called Ecosia. I like them because the search results are less influenced by paid ads and for each search I perform, they plant a tree!

Let me know what you would like to learn about next!  In my Human Design, I am a defined Sacral being so I need things to respond to! I have so many ideas all the time (open head) and have TONS of information to share (line 1 profile) but often don’t know where to start unless you share with me what you want to know!  I love drawing parallels between the information in this body of work and real life situations and analogies.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out! Let’s chat! You can email me at hello@annawithintention.love or DM me on Instagram @annawithintention

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